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What More Can I Say...

Tuesday May 22, 2012

Tuesday May 22, 2012

this is my version of What More Can I Say (Jay-Z)....i love to play around...Renegade Frequency


Wednesday May 16, 2012

Wednesday May 16, 2012

Walking talking No caution to reality Your mind be
Focused on the weather Or whether your weave Is better It bothers me Honestly
You sleeping
heavy breathin cryin cause he's leavin
Cook clean and breed'em
Cycles replacing  him
Mom the head Dad the tail
Kids run loose To crime And jail
Caught you sleeping
Wake up You sleeping
Waking up a bother
Life requires followers
Lead Dont Sleep
on the job Wonder why life's So hard
No work In the streets
acting like the future will never come
When it passes you On the road Flashing your thump
Know it's not a dream Or a bad nightmare
Eyes wide shut Got you there
Refusing to wrap it up
Cause you've known him For a month
life changing
Tossing years in air
Leaving kids Trail of tears
Nodding behind the wheel
This  is real
Tic, tic, tic loud as a bell
Slumbered minds Wake up- - it's  dawn
A new day appears
sun rays illuminate your new pathway
it's here
Consciousness leading the way
beware, sleep is lurking near
Renegade didn't want to wake you But it had to be done

Sunday May 06, 2012

life is unexpected if you are unaware of the power of your mind. with your thoughts, the universe moves creates your realities. this is true for everyone and at all times...

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